Serving the most vulnerable
    in rural Malawi
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Donations. 2011
Development over the years ....
Check out progress reported back from Malawi, showing development of projects, programmes and local impact over the years ..... a fascinating glimpse into the birth and growth of Aid Africa
New Site - land bought, building begun, move happened! Disastrous harvest - hunger healthcare - new Play Centre at Sapale
Rebuilt house & chicken project for Falace - suffering from leprosy  
Food and Milk Programmes, agriculture,  improved training materials and facilities, more water challenges and solutions - FAQS - Site development
(still awaiting BUV (basic utility vehicle) and pedigree saanens)
Refurbished goat khola - failed bore hole drilling on site - phasing out our Play Centres in favour of milk delivery direct to the remote areas - indigenous vegetables - nutritional problems with AIDS - introduction of rabbits - trialling “Farming God’s Way” & composting - Muona office closed.
Electricity finally arrives on site - challenges of AIDS - hunger problems - 1st “saanen- type” goat kids born - Dairy Unit built - Play Centres - education -Agri gardens - moringa trees introduced - more boreholes repaired - Training Hall completed - chicken project begun - houses & roofs for vulnerables - male goat khola & part of the security wall built - Katherine’s small business venture ....Pastors’ Conference
Birth of the Play Centres - “Loan-A-Goat” - trialling Goat Clubs -
Agri-gardens -  Quail Dairy Unit built - 4 x 75% saanen goats arrive
Dave & Lynda Mills profoundly impacted by the poverty and hunger of rural Malawi and Open Hand Projects is born - Community Agri-gardens begin to feed the poor  
May 06 the first 6 hybrid goats arrive - Visitor’s View - Christian testimony ...
Pedigree saanens breeding plan started, BUV in use, Food Programme increased, conservation farming training: (Farming God’s Way) held, new land bought for forage  Moringa production stepped up, Processing Unit shell built, 1st saanen goat kids, penetrating needy communities with our 1st Field Worker, houses built, roofs replaced, boreholes repaired, community agri-gardens prepared.
Devastating floods, flood relief distributed and 6 houses for the dispossessed built Cassava & sweet potato Pass-On Programmes trialled.  15 tonnes of maize bought in for the Food Programme, Community Gardens streamlined and headed up by Les & Kathie Craske, attempted break-in and security wall & gate completed, Kids’ Unit begun, rabbits disappointing, motor bike donated by Rotary, IGA’s encouraged, 150 donated pairs of reading/sight glasses distributed


Hunger still a major challenge - How does Aid Africa help?

Food Programmes:   Maize Feeding Programme. goats milk for vulnerable babies, likuni phala for toddlers, monthly Elderlies Luncheons.  We’re promoting and enabling development of high value nutrition - moringa, soya, rabbits - and our livestock teams benefited from amazing veterinary training from CVM, US!