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I thought you might like to know how things are going out here in the African Bush.   As you may know, my husband David, and I came out here for four months, to work with orphans and help in any way we could.   We’re half-way through our trip now, and despite the challenges of rural life, we’re loving it.
AID AFRICA - our local appeal, has been startlingly effective in the UK..  Unexpectedly an avenue of opportunity to help the very poorest and most vulnerable in the remote villages here in Malawi, has opened up before us........  
This April, I was privileged to be able to visit David and Lynda Mills and see their work among the poor in Malawi, first hand.
I  arrived at Blantyre airport, surrounded by impressive mountains on three sides and was glad to see David & Lynda waiting to collect me.   My first impressions as we drove out of town en route for Chiringa, a rural village close to the border with Mozambique,where Aid Africa/Open Hand Projects is based, was everything I had expected of Africa.   It was colourful, noisy,and chaotic, but nothing prepared me for the roads we would negotiate for the next four hours.  At the edge of town the tarmac ends and the road becomes something akin to a dried up mountain riverbed. In places it amazed me that any vehicle could get through at all.  We arrived in darkness at a house with no electricity, set up the mosquito nets, consumed a small bowl of goat stew and settled down for the night. ......
In 2004, David and Lynda Mills, an ordinary middle-aged couple from Norfolk, UK, visited this region for a fortnight en route to Mozambique. The impact on them was so profound that they decided to return in 2005 and spend a further 4 months there........