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Moringa is an amazing tree - with leaves packed with quality nutrients, and seeds containing high-grade oil.  We are surrounded by hundreds of acutely malnourished people of all ages, and we believe this tree is grossly undervalued as a major source of protein, calcium, vitamins, potassium and iron.

During the past few years we’ve been growing it, developing a seed bank and more lately a seedling nursery.  Now we’re planning to accelerate production, with 1000 trees planted over the next few years.

We’ll start building a Processing Unit on site - both for milk and moringa.  Despite being in the African bush - high standards of hygiene are essential for milk sterilisation and storage - in our culture diarrhoea kills!

Moringa leaves will the stripped, washed, dried, pounded into powder, packed carefully, and distributed to those most at risk as an important food supplement.  
This Unit will take a while to complete - but we hope to start building in September 2012
At our Centre, continuous electricity supply is rare.  Keeping our milk and veterinary drugs refrigerated is a major headache.  Running projected training, and just ordinary life tends to be more stressful when you don’t know if power will be available that day. So we need to reconsider alternative sources of energy.  

In the past we have fitted some solar panels, but currently, they’re not effective enough for our needs, so we’re looking to update and increase our system.  New generation technology is available, with a hefty initial price tag, but we aim to supply one building at a time as resources allow.

We’re also investigating wind turbines - could you imagine how life could change for our impoverished neighbours if they had access to lighting in their homes? At 6pm each evening it’s absolutely dark, leaving school children little chance of study, personal safety could be compromised, and most community life is put on hold till 5am next morning.  

Our vision is to supply power and lighting to even the poorest communities - a big dream but we’re looking into the possibilities of harnessing wind power......
Summer, 2012
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