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Sadly this is a typical example of those Aid Africa serve out in the rural areas.
But the good news is that we built Dinah a new house. The keys were handed over the day before we left and she’s delighted to be able to rest dry and safe at last—and be included in vegetable distribution and our Food Programme!

    Dinah - delighted with her now house
                        - it even has 2 windows!
74 assessed vulnerable children have gone through our programme this year, kindly sponsored by friends in the UK—they now have a chance to succeed!   Our office in Muona was closed in 2010 but we’ve continued to support our students there through to Form 4 and they’ll take their final exams this term.
Help in the community ....
Following reported concerns for an elderly widow, we visited, and though we’re used to the appalling housing conditions of the poor, we found hers particularly distressing. Dinah’s home was a small, mud-brick hut, damp, dark, and windowless, with 3 tiny rooms all blackened by smoke, and a leaking grass roof about to collapse.

No food, furniture, nor bedding, just a few clay cooking pots and a wooden trough to pound grain.
She was widowed many years ago, and of her 10 children, just one remains.  Her daughter is herself overwhelmed with trying to care for 20 of her extended family. She shares what she has with her mother, but there’s never enough, and Dinah is frail, hungry, and without any form of income.
Alekeleni and her little brother Zodabwitza happily receiving new clothes. These two are orphans that we’ve been caring for for some time. Their mother suffered from leprosy, and we provided a chicken project and built a house for the family just before she died several years ago, which the children are now living in, safe and secure.

We had the opportunity to give out knitted blankets, clothing, food, vegetable seeds and seedlings, rabbits, goats, chickens, tools, working materials, small business grants, and reading glasses.  We still supply transport money to those collecting ARV’s (HIV/AIDS treatment) and help with funding health care.
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